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White Oil Only Absorbent Sock

SKU: N-S471
Availability: In Stock
Description: White Oil-Only Absorbent Socks contain high-performance absorbent fibers and wrap easily around awkward corners.
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These socks are 4'(1.2 m) in length and three inches in diameter. There are 30 socks in a plain brown box. The socks feature a tough spun-bond outer sleeve that has a durable heat sealed seam running its entire length. This tube is then filled with an absorbent chopped polypropylene core that is made from recycled sources. This core will absorb only oil-based fluids. The absorbent core is secured into the sleeve at each end with a durable metal clip.The spun-bond outer sleeve makes these socks very strong even when containing absorbed fluid, they are also a ‘no-lint’ product. This mean they will not shed any loose fibers. The socks are very flexible which allows them to conveniently mold to any uneven surfaces.
Super Absorbent Flake
White Oil-Only
3" x 4'
Packaging Qty
30 socks per case