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Lava Professional Line Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner -4 oz. Bar

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Description: Lava® Professional Line Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner -4 oz. Bar
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Lava® Professional Line Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is a professional, heavy-duty hand soap bar that has been cleaning the dirtiest of hands since 1893. The volcanic pumice contained in the soap possesses abrasive qualities that give it the scrubbing power to clean dirt, grease, oil, ink, tar, paint, caulk and adhesives from hands. This bar of soap is ideal for use in automobile repair, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and any occupation where dirt, grease and grime are present. Lava is not just for mechanics. Gardeners and landscapers can count on Lava’s gentle scouring power to remove dirt and soil from hands, leaving them squeaky clean after a long day of outdoor work. Lava bar soap is the original heavy-duty hand cleaner and continues over 100 years later to be the go-to soap to clean and soften the dirtiest hands.
  • With moisturizers
  • Use around the home for family projects involving ink, paint, adhesives and dirt.
  • Made from bio-renewable resources


4 oz.
Packaging Qty
48 bars