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Boardwalk BWKB04CT Fresh Urinal Block - 4 oz. Cherry

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Description: Boardwalk BWKB04CT Fresh Urinal Block - 4 oz., Cherry
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The Boardwalk BWKB04CT Fresh Urinal Block is a toilet bowl deodorizer with plastic hanger with pressure-sensitive clip to hold paradichlorobenzene block in place. This product is cellophane wrapped to keep block intact—no chipped pieces to clog toilet and the air-activated paradichlorobenzene block is saturated with liquid deodorants to freshen the air. Various fragrances available.

  • Eliminates odors at their source instantly
  • 4 ounce blocks deodorize up to 30 days
  • Cherry scent


4 oz.
Packaging Qty
144 blocks