2316 Safety Yellow Chore Work Gloves

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2316 Safety Yellow Chore Work Gloves

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Description: Cordova 2316 Safety Yellow Chore Work Gloves, PE Gauntlet Cuffs
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Cordova 2316 Safety Yellow Chore Work Gloves are tough enough for light-industrial applications, commercial cleanup, gardening, farming, landscaping, dirty and gritty hard work. The cotton canvas is long-lasting, cheap and abrasion resistant. Cotton keeps hands cool when the machinery gets a little too hot to touch with just bare hands. If you want to keep the dirt and grime off and the blister's away, plus add a comfortable barrier between a broom, shovel, hammer and the palms of your hands, this tough pair of does-it-all gloves is the way to go without worrying about the expense. When dirt or debris seems to get into every inch of your clothing, the knit wrist models allow for a comfortable way to lock-out dirt from getting into the gloves. These gloves are sewn with a straight thumb which helps the worker stay comfortable with less fatigue when closed-fisted work is required.

  • Hard-Working
  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • Quilted Palm Canvas Back
  • Yellow Knit Wrist
  • Straight Thumb
  • Machine Washable
Packaging Qty
12 packs of 12 gloves