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Ziploc 94602 Resealable Gallon Plastic Bags

SKU: 0828
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Description: Ziploc 94602 Resealable Gallon Plastic Bags, 10.5"x11"
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Ziploc 94602 Resealable Gallon Plastic Bags are sturdy, disposable, easy-to-open, easy-to-fill bags. The unique interlocking zipper seals securely and locks in freshness, protecting foods from drying out. These bags are designed for space-saving food storage, portion control, food preparation and transportation. They have write-on labels for easy identification and date-coding and the dispensing cartons are color-coded for kitchen organization.

  • Ideal for keeping food fresh, clean, and delicious in food service operations
  • Reduce waste in your kitchen by storing foods properly
  • Feature Double Zipper for extra security
  • Provide space-saving storage
  • Write-on labels for content identification and date coding
  • Grip strip openings for easy handling
  • Sturdy, high-quality construction
  • Convenient self-dispensing carton
Packaging Style
Gallon Bag
10.5" x 11"
Packaging Qty
250 gallon bags