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KC 9992 Professional Electronic Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser

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Description: KC 9992 Professional Electronic Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser, Smoke
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The KC 9992 Professional Electronic Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser needs infrequent refilling and provides consistent, reliable performance. Your washroom guests will enjoy the benefits of hygienic, touch free dispensing – they'll only touch the towel they're using. You can choose how it dispenses – either a hidden towel that advances only when the sensor is activated (for sensitive environments) or an exposed towel for grab-and-go convenience. The electronic dispenser's sensor is placed in a natural location, so your guests won't need to wave their hands to dispense a towel. With four included D-cell batteries to power up, the electric dispenser is quieter than enMotion and has a feature that allows you adjust the length of towel dispensed from the roll. This comes in handy to reduce waste, particularly for a high-traffic business restroom.

  • You can choose how to dispense: switch modes to have a hidden towel (dispenses when the sensor is activated) or an exposed towel (the next one dispenses when the first one is torn away)
  • The sheet length is adjustable, so you're in control of how much towel is given per use. This allows you to reduce waste and conserve the roll
  • This electronic, touchless dispenser is high capacity, so you can use it in even the most high traffic environments
  • The electric wall mount dispenser measures 12.63" x 16.13" x 10.2", is battery powered and is even quieter than the enMotion dispenser and the Tork Intuition System
12.63" x 16.13" x 10.2"
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1 Dispenser