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LSR2432LB .3 Mil Black Can Liner

SKU: 0592
Availability: In Stock
Description: Berry LSR2432LB .3 Mil Black Can Liner, 24"x32", 1,000 Liners/cs
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Berry LSR2432LB .3 Mil Black Can Liners pack more performance into every bag, providing up to 50% greater puncture and tear resistance than other low-density liners. That means a lower-gauge Steel-Flex bag will perform as well as, or better than, the more costly, higher-gauge bag you may be using now. Best-in-class Steel-Flex liners are a strong “Green” source reduction choice, too. Thanks to thinner, stronger films, Steel-Flex liners can cut plastic waste by up to 25% compared to thicker, lower-performing bags. Steel-Flex liners work in a variety of applications. They are recommended whenever maximum puncture and tear resistance are required.

  • Superior puncture and tear resistance
  • Star bottom seal prevents leaks
  • Stands up to heavy, irregular waste
  • Contributes to environmental source reduction — reduces plastic waste up to 25%
Packaging Style
Coreless Rolls
24" x 32"
Packaging Qty
1,000 liners