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DA2432H .6 Mil Green Can Liner

SKU: 0590
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Description: Colonial Bag DA2432H .6 Mil Green Can Liner, 24"x32", 500 Liners/cs
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Colonial Bag DA2432H .6 Mil Green Can Liner is a 100% degradable liner with Oxo-Degradable additive to break down the long hydro-carbon bonds of the plastic reducing the film strength and eventually providing a nutrient source for microbes.

  • Displaces 20% of polyethylene decreasing our reliance on petroleum and natural gas
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacturing process by 7%
  • Generates significant power savings and increases manufacturing efficiency
  • Two year shelf life for sealed cartons.
Packaging Style
Coreless Rolls
24" x 32"
Packaging Qty
500 liners