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CRXL46C Heavyweight .55 Mil Clear Can Liner

SKU: 0524
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Description: Republic Bag CRXL46C Heavyweight .55 Mil Clear Can Liner, 250 Bags/Cs
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Republic Bag CRXL46C Heavyweight .55 Mil Clear Can Liner are high density can liners built for trash application without sharp edges.  Classic Utility means source reduction and lower per bag cost without sacrificing performance when compared to traditional, heavy gauge, Western Classic can liners. The Classic Utility product also outperforms HDPE can liners and reduces overall costs byelimination of double bagging and/or cleaning after a bag failure. These liners feature excellent odor and moisture barrier, and very high dart impact and tensile strength.

  • A Dependable Tool – Made from the same premium LLDPE resin every time
  • Rigid specifications insure standard performance
  • Star Bottom Seal reduces leakage & improves performance
  • Premium LLDPE can liners offer the best value, excellent performance, and eliminates the need for double bagging
  • Convenient dispenser boxes


Packaging Style
Coreless Rolls
40" x 46"
Packaging Qty
250 liners