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KC 50606 Kleenex Hardwound Paper Towels

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Description: KC 50606 Kleenex Hardwound Paper Towels, White, 8" x 600'
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KC 50606 Kleenex Hardwound Paper Towels give a soft feel with the premium performance of commercial paper towels. Forced air dryers and hot air dryers can take two or even three times as long to use as a paper towel, and studies show that, while the overall cost per use is comparable, the likelihood of spreading germs is greatly reduced with the use of absorbent, single-use drying towels, such as white Kleenex® Hardwound Paper Towels. Germ counts are significantly lower following the use of a touch-free paper towel dispenser —as much as a 200% decrease when compared with using either jet or hot air dryers.

  • Ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as retail, foodservice, education, and healthcare
  • FSC, EPA, and ECOLOGO certified
  • Made from 50% recycled fiber content and 40% post-consumer waste
  • Compatible with most Kimberly Clark paper towel dispensers
Packaging Style
Hardwound Roll Towel
8" x 600'
Packaging Qty
6 rolls