New Shop Rags Bulk - New Cotton Rags

New Mill End Wiping rags are the run offs of pre-consumer material that have never been used before. If your concern is consistency in the material being more similar than recycled rags, then new cotton rags are the way to go. Our New White Cotton Rags are virtually lint free rags that work great for lint free applications. Great for use as Painters Rags or Cleaning Rags, use Wipeco, Inc.'s box of rags as a bulk box to get the amount lint free wipes you need.

If you are looking for different packaging or an additional cotton rag that you do not see, please give us a call at (708) 544-7247 and we would be happy to assist you.
New Colored Knit Rags are new, never used, 100% new cotton rags.
New Grey Knit Rags are new wiping cloth rags that are preferred by professional painters.
New White Knit Rags are new, never used, 100% new cotton rags that have been bleached to remove any color so there is no risk of any color running.
New White Mill End Wipers 8 PCS/BG