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The best cleaning rags for use as an industrial rag are recycled wiping cloth rags. The recycled rags below are sold in bulk and are the most popular disposable cotton rags on sale in the market. Colored T-Shirt rags are the best rags for sale when you are looking for an all-purpose rag for use as a mechanic rag or painters rag. Other cotton cleaning cloth rags include Color Sweatshirts, Flannel Rags, Denim Rags, Corduroy Rags and Terry Cloth Rags.

If you are looking for different packaging or an additional cotton rag that you do not see, please give us a call at (708) 544-7247 and we would be happy to assist you.
Color T shirt wiping rags are recycled bulk cleaning rags that are used as Wiping towels or cleaning cloths for any industrial wiping need. Available in boxes or compressed bags.
All White T Shirt Wiping Rags are recycled bleached and white knit cotton t shirt rags. Ideal white Wiping rags when you need a high performance white rag. Excellent for furniture or wood staining.
Sweatshirt Rags are a perfect cotton rag for use as an industrial Wiping rag.
White Sweatshirt Wiping Rags are a perfect bulk rag, works for a variety of applications and environmentally friendly.
Corduroy Wiping Rags are heavy duty, multi-colored cotton rags cut from recycled corduroy material.
Denim Wiping Rags are cut up denim shirts and pants, very absorbent and tough Wiping towel.
Flannel Wiping Rags are the softest recycled bulk cleaning rag on the market. Great mechanic rag or industrial Wiping rag.
Medium Wiping Rags are your economical Wiping towels made from uniform pants and shirts.
Near White Wiping Rags are cotton rags that are made from blouses, hospital gowns, etc. Great lightweight rag for medium cleanup.
White Flannel Wiping Rags are cut from recycled white cotton flannel bath blankets and are a phenomenal cotton rag.
White Sheeting Wiping Rags are woven white cotton sheeting Wiping rags that are very low lint.
White T Shirt Wiping Rags with Print are cut recycled white t shirts with print or emblems on them. Less expensive option than white rags.