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Cascades Wipers | Tuff Job

Cascades PRO Tuff-Job™ Wipers provide solutions for all your wiping needs with guaranteed performance. Designed for maximum durability and strength to tackle the toughest applications with consistent wiping performance. Cost-effective alternative to rental shop towels and rags with no hidden costs. Tuff Job wipers have rigorous quality control standards to consistently provide the highest level of wiping cloth products to the market.

If you are looking for different packaging or an additional Cascades Pro wipers that you do not see, please give us a call at (224) 623-0877 and we would be happy to assist you.

Cascades K600 PRO Signature™ Kitchen Roll Paper Towels, White, 11"x9.4"
Price: 66.50 - 69.95
Cascades W110 PRO Tuff-Job™ All-Purpose Paper Wipers, White, Singlefold, 10.25"x8"
Price: 52.95 - 55.95
Cascades W201 PRO Tuff-Job™ Scrim Wipers, White, 4 Ply, 9.25"x12.5", Pop-Up
Price: 71.95 - 74.95
Cascades W202 PRO Tuff-Job™ Scrim Reinforced Wipers, White, 9.75" x 16.75", Pop Up
Price: 54.95 - 57.95
Cascades W420 Tuff-Job DRC Wipers, White, 12"x13", 1/4 Fold
Price: 54.95 - 57.95
Cascades W630 PRO Tuff-Job™ High Performance Wipers, White, 14"x14.4", Crumpled, 250/box
Price: 54.95 - 57.95
Cascades W631 PRO Tuff-Job™ High Performance Wipers, Blue, 14"x14.4", Crumpled, 250/box
Price: 51.95 - 54.95
North River 31805 Brown Paper Towels, 12"x13", 1/4 Fold
Price: 28.50