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Wipeco's Quality Assurance

Wipeco, Inc. has taken several steps ensure that you always have a quality experience. We offer great customer service, same-day shipping, and personal care. We do our best to go above and beyond--be it assisting you with a hard-to-find product, taking extra steps to provide you with custom labels, providing samples and in-person product discussions, and so much more. At Wipeco, Inc. you are always treated with care.

New! Metal Detection

Wipeco Inc. knows when providing recycled goods, there is always a chance for inconsistency. With that said, a small fraction of our wipers are cut from clothing donated to charitable institutions, and these clothes could possibly contain fragments of metal, pins, and staples. Wipeco and all wiper manufacturers are diligent about making sure cutters remove metal abrasives from old clothing, however, the success of catching ALL metal is subject to a human error factor.

How can I avoid metal fragments?
Wipeco, Inc. offers two ways to completely avoid the metal fragments in your rags!

Buy New Rags
Wipeco can provide you with quality new-material. These wipers are cut from mill-ends or new t-shirts. With new material, the probability of metal fragments decreases significantly.

Cost Difference: Varies

Metal Detected Rags
Wipeco is one of a few wiper manufacturers that have invested in a highly sensitive metal detector machine, which scans the rags for any traces of metal before they are boxed, and removes metal-defected rags. A minimal up-charge covers the labor of running every rag through the detector.

Cost Difference: Approx $0.04/lb

Wipeco, Inc. knows that quality of material is important. We do our best to ensure that your products are the quality you desire.

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