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Wipeco, Inc. is Chicagoland's LARGEST Wiping Rag Manufacturer. We also supply a vast selection of towels perfect for carwashes.

Most Popular for Car Washes

Microfiber Towel Microfiber Towels
Generally sized at 15" x 15" dry or barley damp, microfiber are great for cleaning, dusting, car washes or many other applications! Medium weight in various colors. They clean glass and stainless steel streak-free with water. Works wonders polishing dark cars. Microfiber holds 7xs their weight in water. Available in blue, green, yellow or red!

New Blue Hand Towels
Made of terry cloth, these slightly irregular blue hand towels are highly absorbent and make a good general-purpose wiper. They are smaller than the half-towels and easier to maneuver, but they're still big enough to help you get the job done. Great for car washes!

Economical Half-Cut Terry Towel
Economical half cut terry towels. Great for car washes or any other applications where a terry towel is needed.

The staff at Wipeco, Inc. can help you find the perfect towel for your carwash.

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