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Wipeco, Inc. is Chicagoland's LARGEST Wiping Rag Manufacturer. We know automotive shops require a variety of quality products. We are automotive supply speciailist, and can provide your shop with wonderful wipers for any need.

Most Popular for Automotive Shops

New White Rags New Red Shop Towels
These are your typical new automotive red shop towels. They are 100% cotton, with approximate size of 12" x12". Great for picking up grease and oil in auto shops, home garage, general manufacturing and any other application where grease and oil are used.

Recycled Colored Knit Wiping Rags
(Best Seller - most used rags) - Reclaimed Cut T-Shirts are ideal for multi-purpose wipers for water, grease or oil. Cut from reclaimed cotton t-shirts. Ideal for auto shops, electrical and maintenance contractors. Lightweight blended t shirt material makes this efficient for water, grease or oil.

Absorbent Pads
For quick, one-time applications. Perforated, providing a perfect fit for any size spill, even in tight, narrow spaces. Universal color is ideal for MRO applications, inconspicuously hiding dirt and grime. Place by machines, hoses, hydraulics or any other component that may leak. Great for prevention of any spills.

Wipeco, Inc. can provide you with a high-quality rag.

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