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Spill Absorbents

Wiping rags are great for many applications, but for large spills, Wipeco, Inc. supplies a great selection of quality universal or oil-only Spill Absorbents.

Pad Absorbents

Great for any size spaces.
We Offer:

  • Grey Universal Pads
  • White Oil-Only Pads

Sock Absorbents

Perfect for coralling a spill, or squeezing into a small space.
We Offer:

  • Best Value Grey Universal Sock
  • Best Value White Oil-Only Sock

Roll Absorbents

Great for easy storge and a wide variety of applications.
We Offer:

  • Grey Universal Medium Weight
  • Grey Universal Double Weight
  • White Oil-Only Medium Weight
  • White Oil-Only Double Weight
  • Rag Roll

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